6: Julie of the Wolves

Mandy Julie of teh Wolves


In episode 6 of Team Friendship Reads the Newberys, we review the 1973 Newbery Medal winner Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George. The Team discuss their favorite parts of this book, why this book has been banned over the years and why they believe they would not survive in the wild as Julie (or Miyax) does in this coming-of-age story.

Show Notes:

  • We finally got some listener feedback!
  • For the Love of Books! Wolf children, “Alice in Wonderland type stories,” Barnes & Noble collectible editions, Unfinished books, Star Wars Love, Kubo and the Two Strings, Harry Potter in the NICU
  • Book News: Sherlock Holmes is Doctor Dolittle, and Dr. Watson is Albus Dumbledore!
  • Jean Craighead George: the real-life Doctor Dolittle
  • Rejection turns to Success
  • At 33:25, we begin to discuss the controversial scene in this book–the reason it has been banned in many libraries over the years. We give our own opinions on whether or not this is appropriate for children to be reading and if this book should be banned. This conversation might be considered inappropriate for little ears because of the content of the scene in the book. We conclude our discussion at 42:01
  • Traditions/Customs vs. Modern ways
  • Miyax or Julie?
  • Survival: Could we survive in the wild?
  • Respect and appreciation for food
  • Brother Bear!
  • Nature docs and the “circle of life”
  • Little Leah: worm healer and toad keeper
  • “Mandy Quote” of the Episode: “Just black it all out and write that at the top!”
  • Wolf whisperer
  • Mandy’s reactions to the end of the book
  • Lauren gives a preview of the sequel Julie 
  • Children raised by animals
  • 1973 Newbery facts and figures
  • Carmen’s Goodreads review of The Witches of Worm 
  • Did Julie of the Wolves deserve the medal?
  • Mandy picks our next book! And she is confident she can finish it.

Links related to this episode:

Julie of the Wolves available on Amazon.com – http://amzn.to/2q4nOIi 

The Incoragible Children of Ashton Placehttp://amzn.to/2pwVM8m

Splintered – http://amzn.to/2pxbWP6

The Chronicles of Narnia  http://amzn.to/2q2odrw

The Book of Three – http://amzn.to/2q2pPBV

Star Wars Ahsoka – http://amzn.to/2px4N0Z

Star Wars The Clone Wars on Netlfix – https://www.netflix.com/title/70155581





Frog and Toad Collectionhttp://amzn.to/2oJBcgV

The Upstairs Room – http://amzn.to/2q2FAsD

The Witches of Worm (Goodreads page) – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/597489.The_Witches_of_Worm?from_search=true

The Tale of Despereaux – http://amzn.to/2oJfSIu

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Ending Music: “Ukelele” by Royalty Free Music from Bensound

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