Special Episode 9: Little Women – Meg & Beth


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In this special episode of the Team Friendship Podcast, we are joined by our very dear friend, Zoey, as we discuss the PBS mini series Little Women. We focus on Meg and Beth in this episode and also give some history on Louisa May Alcott. Grab some coffee, jam, and biscuits and listen in on our conversation!

Show Notes:

  • There is a good reason why Heidi Thomas did such an excellent job writing the screenplay for this mini series
  • Leah and Zoey give some history on Louisa May Alcott and transcendentalism
  • The beauty in the ordinary
  • Meg’s visit to “Vanity Fair”
  • Does Meg truly love Mr. Brooke?
  • Lauren’s passionate response to some people’s critique of Meg and her role as a wife and mother
  • The marriage counsel we learn from Little Women
  • The child birth scene
  • Mandy gets spoiled about Beth’s death
  • We all love Annes Elwy’s freckles
  • Beth’s social anxiety and Marmee’s desire to help Beth work through it
  • Dumbledore! We love Beth’s relationship with Dumbledore…I mean, Mr. Laurence
  • Beth is a natural caregiver
  • Beth’s illness and acceptance that she is going to die
  • Beth and Jo’s relationship
  • The beach scene
  • Beth’s self-awareness
  • Would Beth’s life have been different if this story had taken place in today’s era?
  • Women’s rights: how far we have come…and how far we still need to go
  • Beth’s death scene
  • Parents that must walk their children through death
  • The relevance of Little Women
  • The book is called Little Women….not Jo March and Her Sisters
  • Beth’s sass and selflessness
  • We will be discussing Jo and Amy in our next episode

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